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RIF///RAF is a color grading and finishing services company. With a solid foundation in color theory, art and media workflows, we specialize in digital color correction, grading and managing deliveries to theatrical, broadcast and streaming services.

Founded in 2011 by cinematographer and colorist Pedro J. Padilla, we have developed into a flexible and agile studio, with the capability and creativity to collaborate with filmmakers and content creators, crafting visuals consistent with their stories and messaging.

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  • Color Grading & Correction
  • On-line Edit
  • Avid/Premiere Roundtrip
  • 16/35mm Film Datacine
  • Archival Tape Digitizing
  • Teranex Conversions
  • VFX
  • Retouching
  • UHD Broadcast Delivery
  • 2K/4K DCP
  • IMF SDR Delivery
  • Blu-Ray

Featured Project: Satellite Flight

We handled the offline edit, color grade, VFX production, VFX post & theatrical delivery for this Spielberg-esque sci-fi short film by producer/director Davis Northern & Modern Noire

Edited by Ulysses Adams / Color & VFX by Pedro J. Padilla

short film color grading cinematic

Shot with a Red Dragon & Sony FS7, we veered towards a classic cinematic palette of muted primary colors and soft highlight roll-offs on skin.

color grade cinematiccolor grading nyc

For the dreamier sequences, we added some warmth in the shadows and introduced subtle lens flares to add to the nostalgia.

VFX green screen compositevfx greenscreen composite

Director Davis Northern & Cinematographer/Colorist Pedro J. Padilla shot green screen footage of a miniature spacecraft model and used the Fusion toolset within DaVinci Resolve 15 to key, composite, rotoscope and generate particle effects. In a fluid workflow, he graded pre- and post-comp to achieve the right balance of contrast and saturation to match the background plate.

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