color correction grading nyc post production

RIF///RAF is a color grading and finishing services company. With a solid foundation in color theory, art and media workflows, we specialize in digital color correction, grading and managing deliveries for theatrical, broadcast and streaming services.

Founded in 2011 by cinematographer and colorist Pedro J. Padilla, we have developed into a flexible and agile studio, with the capability and creativity to collaborate with filmmakers and content creators, crafting visuals consistent with their stories and messaging.

Color Management for Indie Studios

We’ve learned a lot these last couple of years about remote workflows and maintaining the best signal quality on a variety of displays.

One of the most important developments has been the integration of color management in all narrative long-form projects. Being able to access so much information by open source developers and post production professionals willing to test and disseminate has been an eye opening experience for those of us who really want to understand our capabilities and limitations.

As a colorist and finishing supervisor on independent film projects, I’ve been able to comb through countless manuals, blog posts and instructional videos to help us cobble together solid color-managed workflows for most films. Collaborating with talented VFX artists has become a much smoother process, as we can all see relatively consistent images while working concurrently and without resorting to destructive turnover files.

~ Pedro